Saturday, 2 April 2011


I feel on the top of the world,
Too many people around me, be by my side,
Trying to go through me,
Inside and out,
Watched me smile,
Give me strength,

But the truth is..
No one ever know,
What I'm going through all my lifelong,
They said,
"Yes, I do understand"
"Yes, I always there for you"
"Yes, there's a way"
No, It's not! It's not about finding a way!
It's not about understand, it's not about always be by my side though.

I just..
I want to feel the same way as you do,
Like seriously,
You know, enjoying your life like you always do,
I'm just seeing you from the distance,
Want to share the same feelings,
Which I know, I can't..
And I just smiling,
Once again..

And sometimes..
Deep inside myself,
I felt very lonely,
Like nobody else in this world,
Eventhough there's a lot of beloved people around me..
I just don't know.
And I just accept the fate
That is written in my life..

Thanks to the people that always be by my side.