Tuesday, 5 April 2011


I'm the type that often not shows my emotion
I'm not gonna cry in front of YOU
I'm crying deep inside
Because I know
You're so heartless to understand.

And sometimes..
Only something that lifeless
Can describe me well
And calm me softly
Because YOU and your life
Nothing else matter.

I'm not someone who raised for sympathy
Even a lot of imperfection in me
I do realize it
But YOU, 
Always look up and never try to reach the ground
I bet you will one day.

Sometimes I'd wondering
Why in this world willing to have a person like YOU
Hiding behind yourself
Don't YOU feel ashame?
Mayhem people as like they don't have any life
G F Y S !
Because I'm not the type that swallow everything.

And that's why I'm not the girl that YOU expected.